Saturday, 6 June 2015

Ten disastrous thoughts while bleaching your own hair.

So I decided to bleach my hair because I want to go platinum blonde. It's more or less there now but these are exactly the thoughts that went through my head as a I bleached it. 

1, Loads of people do it. I mean all the research that I have done showed me tons of girls bleaching their hair on youtube! I am clearly an expert.
2, What is the worst that can happen? Really, what could be the worst thing to happen. Your hair can fall out, the damage would be disastrous and you might have to invest in a wig for the rest of your life. But apart from that. WHAT IS THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN!??!
3, I had red hair before the colour before dyeing it brown, itt won’t go ginger. I know that it does for everyone and that it will happen. But not for me. I won’t go ginger. I’m an expert.
4, What is that burning smell ?
5, Okay this itches a lot, I’m just going to pretend that this burning itching sensation is normal and it will just make my hair so much more prettier.
6, I probably should have paid a professional to do this. How much did I spend on all this bleach?
7, No, it’s still okay. Lets just wash this all off and cross my fingers for the best.
8, better get used to all the ginger jokes for the next few days.
9, Maybe now I should go to a professional

10, Maybe I should just bleach it one more time. I can make this right, and then put toner on it. Maybe bleach it next week too.

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