Monday, 8 June 2015

Movie Review: Unfriended

One of the most annoying Skype conversations, I don’t think the writer for this film actually thought about how hard it is to converse with several people on skype. Not only does the image not work and makes you look ridiculous but the amount of times the audio fails and you need to start shouting to your companion about whether or not the sound is working.
Although I must say that this is a rather clever idea of using modern technology to create a somewhat horror movie, it has already been shown by Modern Family to have worked wonders and they managed to work with their Apple products and produce something much more clear and interesting in a half an hour than this movie.
We are met with a story about a girl killing herself on school ground after a video of her is posted online. The video looked ridiculous. I do understand that cyber bullying is serious but on first glance the video posted proved no threat to the girls social status. So the movie begins with the couple’s questionable sex skype session. Where Blaire decides to show off her inner leg. Soon the couples friends join the conversation and noticed someone out of the circle called billie227.
So the creepy thing starts when none of them could get rid of the silent person after countless of tries. I didn’t even know a ghost could control your computer and Skype session.
Anyway so the group get talking and soon some very terrible facebook hacking happens and one girls dies. That’s when it begins, they realize that Billie227 is actually their dead friend that they bullied. The story continues with how they each had something to do with it, reveling secrets ect.

The fact that the Skype call was made realistic annoyed me, I mean yes well done for making this a realistic call but no one wants to see all the actors superbly pixilated!

You cannot even imagine how annoyed I was by the fact that the conversation was flowing UNTIL Blaire clicked on facebook or messenger or did something other than being on Skype. All of a sudden the conversation stops. Noone is talking and they are just sitting there staring at the screen; so clearly she is the life of the party. The goodytwo shoes is not only incredibly needy with her boyfriend (I mean she messaged him about 8 times when he didn’t reply!) but she is also handed everything to her. She opens a webpage about not reading a message from a dead person and luckily for her it shows exactly all the steps she must take in order to get rid of it.
The film was in time with us, meaning that we had to endure all the minutes in real life when the movie was incredibly boring. 

Fantastically the movie wasn’t bad. It was fun to watch, it was hilarious; I jumped once and it was just the fact that the sound was incredibly loud.

So if you are hoping to be scared from this 21st century movie you have another thing coming, I hope you are prepared for the pixelated actors staying still and blaming each other for someones suicide.

Two stars for the horror, three for the comedy and four for the idea. 

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  1. Maja (The Nocturnal Library)8 June 2015 at 06:51

    I love that this highlights the dangers of internet communication in a way. As a parents, I always think about these things and try to really keep track of what my kid is doing online. But although the format is an intersting idea, it doesn't seem to have worked for some time. Which is a shame.


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