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Hey so I'm Paulina I suck at these introductions so I'm going to save myself by making this short.

 I live in the UK, Bath to be specific at the moment- I am currently at Bath Spa University studying Psychology and Creative Writing.

I usually bury myself with a book and pretend that the world around me doesn't exist (a little bit of a hobby of mine) My fave books are the ones that make me cry! Either from happiness, or sadness or just because it was just that great.

I cry quite a fair bit, from a movie to a sad commercial on tv I'm like a waterfall but only really emotionally books make me shed tears therefore they are very precious to me.
.. Erm I'm a little bit of a crazy cat lady, I have three  four cats back at home and they are the main reason why I visit home :P

If you want to get to know me even more and you should because I'm freaking fantastic then email me and I will be your ever loving friend. Ciao little book nerds.
(updated on the 27th of December 2015) 

Contributor (well she does more than that.. she's our life line)

Hey, I'm Megan! I joined Paulina & Rashika in October of 2013 as their co-blogger. Woohoo! I'm a small town girl from Arkansas, and I love to read. Which should have been obvious, but whatevs. Like Rashika, I really wouldn't call myself a nice reviewer. Honest, absolutely. Nice? I don't think so. I've seen every movie that Heath Ledger was in (Troy is a personal favorite), and I'm part of the LOTR fandom. Also, I understand Rashika's Star Wars references. I should get an award for that! ;P I love people, so shoot me a line over twitter or something!

Rashika (co-founder, ex-reviewer)
Rashika moved over to The Social Potato in the May of 2014.

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