Saturday, 12 July 2014

Very First Reviews

About 3 weeks ago I was looking through goodreads reviews and I stumbled onto a review of (I think it might have been Cinder but I can’t remember!)  and it was a very first review for the blogger and she wrote out a detailed paragraph of how she wasn’t sure how to review books. Whether or not she wanted to make them funny, or retell the story, or if she should just keep it simple and straight to the point.
This got me thinking a lot! I don’t think I have actually thought about how I review books but I know there are some things that I try to put in there and I do try to make them somewhat funny (I don’t know if you guys actually find my crap jokes funny or not).

When I first started reviewing books I remember I wanted to make them simple to read but also personal to me. The main reason why I decided to review books was to let others know that I loved or hated the book and why; but mostly for me to later on look up my review reread it and remember the great times I’ve had while reading. So now I tend to include my own little summary of the book, the characters, the writing, and of course the plot.

There are so many different ways to review stuff! I often get rather jealous of how many bloggers can be able to write a review with beautiful words that describe exactly how the book has made them feel when I cannot even form a small coherent sentence!

Is there a structure you guys follow when writing your thoughts down? Or do you just go with the flow and write anything and everything you can. What about the very first review that you wrote about your favourite book.  


  1. In my case I usually just write whatever I feel. Sometimes I add a bit of summary of the story, but sometimes I don't to provide a bit of mystery to my readers. I tend to give away spoilers that's why I rarely add summaries. :P

    And just like you, I want to remember the feelings or emotions I have gone through when I was reading that particular book. Looking back at my first review, I think I did quite fair. Though I think I might have sounded like a robot and I didn't have coherent sentences, I can say now that I got better. Even if my sense of humor still stays the same haha!

    Interesting topic Paulina :)

    Ella @ The Filipina Booknote

  2. Hey! Awesome Blog!! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Please feel free to go to this link to learn more!

  3. My old reviews sometimes make me cringe, because I was far too detailed and too much focused on writing a summary for the book. I'm happy to see how much I've grown. I also make it more personal, by including my emotions and thoughts. That's what I like to see in other reviews too :)

  4. When I first started, I just wrote a few sentences about the book (rather to remind myself about the book, not so much for others as a guide) Then I looked more into book reviewing the the do's and don'ts. I read once that a review is not to re-tell the story but just to give your opinion on the characters, story etc. But I kind of like to let people know (and remind myself) what it was all about - without giving away the plot of course.

  5. Ooooo. Let's NOT talk about my first reviews.

    But I've definitely improved throughout, what, only 8 months? Even though my reviews aren't as beautifully written as some others I read, I like having a structure to it, while also expressing my personal opinions. Once I start a review, I keep going to the end. Of course, starting is the hardest part.....aha

  6. i find others reviews very helpful (no meter positive or negative) when im choosing a book to read next, that's also one of the biggest reason why i write reviews!
    i like to be short (i hate long reviews) and coherent, to express my feelings more clearly in stead of just renting and gushing (im not sure i always manage tho...)
    and i find your reviews very funny, that's why i always come beck here! :)
    Boyanna @The Bookmaidens

  7. I re read my really old reviews and I was hilarious! Like seriously some of the stuff I came up with was super funny...
    But I didn't write about anything that happened and nothing useful so I guess having a comedy edge to it isn't as great as I once thought!

  8. I love seeing bloggers progress with their reviews! :)

  9. I think it's how I review pretty much. I'm usually scared to give away spoilers however

  10. I find starting to be the easiest. Even if I do manage to rewrite the first sentence to somw how grab the readers attention.

  11. I hate long reviews! but extremely short ones just seem like a waste of time for me.
    I'm actually tearing up at your last sentence. I LOVE YOU!


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