Saturday, 15 February 2014

Top 10 Blogger Problems

(NOTE: These are in no particular order)
  1. Lots of time needed
    I don't think most people realize the amount of effort that goes into maintaining a blog. I think I spend around 10 hours a week maybe even more... and I also need to do keep up with school and do work. Sometimes it can all be overwhelming.

  2. Not enough time to read books you want to read
    You know when you have too many books to read and cannot remember the last time you read a book simply to read the book and not review it? yeah. Of course, I don't struggle with that problem all that often as I am starting to realize that I do not in fact need to write a review or even a few sentences about a book I just read. That I am allowed to read and rate and leave it at that. 

  3. Pressure 
    ahh the pressure. Especially since we're a relatively new blog. I always feel like we need to come up with new and interesting things. Something that is fun and engaging. I also feel like we need to post more often which can be seriously pressure inducing and makes me want to pull at my hair

  4. Comparing yourself to other bloggers and then loosing faith
    I know. It's a horrible habit but one you cannot help. You see all these well established bloggers and you imagine the amount of work they must have put into becoming that established and than the paranoia sets in. Or the hopelessness and you start wondering what the point of it all is

  5. Putting up with (or hearing about) BBAs
    This is definitely one of the worst things ever. We personally haven't had to deal with BBAs but every time I hear or see an author rip up a reviewer about a not all that bad rating or a review that is just 'negative' I get pissed off. Yes I understand that authors have feelings. They are human but to express yourself so publicly, especially when you're supposed to be a professional is NOT COOL. And NO reviewers are NOT bullies. We aren't out to get authors. We merely take time out of our days to express our opinions.

  6. Obsessing over stats
    I think this is a stage all bloggers will go through at some point. I am trying to get past it. Obsessing over stats is not going to do anything for you. Blogging should be something you do for fun instead of something that gets you riled up, it's a way to express yourself. Yes sometimes stats can be a little demoralizing but in the end you're first and foremost doing it for yourself.

  7. Reading schedules
    This is more of a personal problem. I usually have reading schedules for books I want to review but because I am a mood reader they aren't very fun to follow. Of course the main purpose of a reading schedule is to make sure I don't 'forget' to review a book but what do I do about all those other books that I've been avoiding reading :P I use my reading schedule as an excuse *sigh* and need to stop doing that.

  8. Schedules
    Oh and let's not forget schedules in general. If you're anything like me you probably use google calendar or something like that and like to have everything planned out (I am crazy.. don't mind me). The problem with schedules is that if you're like me, you have excess reviews that have no place to go and sometimes you end up not being able to post a review because something is 'scheduled for that day'. So than your reviews that have NOT been posted on the blog start piling up (for me that number is around 30 right now) and we all know how reliable goodreads is.... so not having them posted somewhere else can be a problem.

  9. Forgetting to post that one post and having to do that last minute
    YES THIS COMPLETELY CONTRADICTS THE LAST STATEMENT but it happens. It happened to me on Thursday. I totally forgot I signed up for something and scheduled something else for that day. Bah Humbug.

  10. Rejection
    This causes the most heartbreak. When you request that one book on Netgalley/Edelweiss that you've been dying to read and they decline you. Oh that hurts. It probably always will. 

In the end though (just so I don't depress everyone), it's worth it. I love blogging. It has its ups and downs but ultimately I love it. I love communicating with all these wonderful people I have met. I love reading what they have to say and I just love the community in general. Things are not picture perfect but they will do so long as I am happy. 


    1. 10 happens to me so often because I am not in UK, even though they state: commonwealth countries. It is like Australia is not a commonwealth country.

    2. I so understand this. I have been blogging for three years and find that people don't realize how much time goes into a blog. Not to mention the networking aspect as well. I hope you love your new books.

      Books of Love

    3. I had a burn out for 1 1/2 yrs solely because of number 4 . I'm glad I'm back . I still struggle with 1,2,3,4 and 10 . Great post

    4. Yeah it takes a lot of effort :/

    5. THATS HORRIBLE! :( I am glad you're back though!
      I think bloggers will always struggle to a certain degree with some of the points but I think we all want to come to a point where those things don't matter anymore.

    6. I can totally relate to all of these things at some point in time! I think the thing that gets me most is the TIME. I just need more time to do everything haha. Reading, blogging, writing, social media... Just not enough time in the day!
      Fun post! :)

    7. There really isn't. I sometimes panic if my naps run too long because I won't be able to get things done on time and then I end up staying late in the night trying to catch up. :P

      Thanks! :)

    8. There are some things that I recently got rid of or things that I just don't care about :p. I'm not stressing over stats, I can deal with rejections, I don't use schedules and I don't compare myself - so that's taking care of the pressure part too. I just keep things easy going and that works great for me! I remind myself it's a hobby, not a job :)


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