Friday, 14 February 2014

Letters to our Valentines

Tis the day of love and we here at Tangled in Pages firmly believe that Valentines Day is a corporate holiday that shouldn't exist. BUT we also believe that guys in books are the best thing that ever walked this annoying planet and so we decided to use this day to write letters (declare our love) to our book boyfriends. Hey we may not like Valentine's Day but we do believe in love ;)

Rashika will be writing a letter to Jack from the Nadia Stafford series by Kelley Armstrong. This was not really a difficult decision, not because Rashika doesn't have plenty of guys to choose from but because this one guy has been on her mind for the past week since she picked up the series again.

Dear Jack,
(or John.. nah I prefer Jack)
My initial infatuation has turned into full fledged love.
You may be too old for me but with your cut up sentences
Your loyalty
Your silent support
you have captured my heart.
Also it may be the fact that you are a hit-man (assassin) but
I want to eat gummy bears and get high on sugar with you.
I want to listen to you talk (even if it's a rare occurrence)
I want to tell you my life stories
I want to you to see you struggle to do the right thing
I just want to be around you
even if you won't return my feelings
even if you're in love with someone else.

With an infinite amount of love,

Paulina will be writing a letter to the well-loved Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

Dear Augustus,
Boy you are fine,
Your ass is divine,
I want you to be mine.
So my dear dear Augustus,
I wish you a happy Valentine's day with this letter,
But unless this letter is going to get you naked,
I have to admit my heart's not really in it.

P.S. I love you.
Forever yours,
Happy Valentines Day everybody

(and just for the kicks)


  1. "Boy you are fine,Your ass is divine"

    THE BEST. I can't actually control my laughter right now.

    And Rashika, who is this hit-man that you want to eat gummy bears with and get high on sugar with? I NEED TO MEET HIM.

  2. bahahah, i was in a grumpy mood this morning because i had to go to work (instead of sleep) but you made my day girls, im laughing my ass off! :)

  3. Haha yay!! I'm so happy now :D

  4. Haha well thank you. Actually yeah Rashika I want to know too!!


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