Monday, 7 December 2015

3 assignments due and I'm buying more books...

The fact that my last post was done in September brings a tear to my eye; a lot has changed since then and I want to let you all know what's going on in my life and with Tangled In Pages.


Since the 26th of September I have packed my entire room up and moved about two hours away from home. Oh boy was that emotional. I'm doing a degree in Psychology and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. It's one of the best uni's for everything creative! Including Creative Writing!!! :D:D
But it's been stressful, the move, the being away from my family and cats and my 150 books that I had to leave behind... But it's fun.

I finally have something to type on properly

I don't think there has been a post in the last year where I haven't complained about my laptop and inability to fix it! Well my laptop is somewhat fixed ( I don't have to plug it into my TV for it to work anymore) but it's slower than my ability to catch up with the technology world... So I plunged into my already overdrawn account and brought a cute little notebook. I am slowly becoming more useful with this... A long way to go.

3 deadlines...

I have a deadline this evening that I still have to finish and make it look readable (who cares about statistics and why I carried out a study on children reading?!?! I don't even know how to do statistics) and two more later this week; a presentation and a workbook. So I am currently writing my first post in MONTHS while in my seminar group and simultaneously doing a workshop on someones poem (they are pretty good) and trying to finish my second draft of my short story. Hopefully someone across the room thinks I am just super speedy when it comes to coming up with a story and I'm not just writing a post :)

The future

Although I would love nothing more than promise (again cause that is what I used to do before) that the blog will have a brand new review and a post every week for the rest of my life I simply cannot. I am more committed; life is hard and I have a lot of work but I've been writing reviews and posts that I haven't posted yet... I simply cannot live without blogging and being in this community but I cannot be 100 percent committed because the guilt of not posting eats me away. I do want to start blogging about my life (as boring as it is) and my experiences while at university so I'm in the process of find a name/ and designing a new blog... Which is crazy.

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