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Review: The Sky Is Everwhere by Jandy Nelson

The Sky is EverywhereThe Sky Is Everywhere Jandy Nelson
Published: January 1st 2010
Publisher: Walker.

Goodreads Summary

Seventeen-year-old Lennie Walker, bookworm and band geek, plays second clarinet and spends her time tucked safely and happily in the shadow of her fiery older sister, Bailey. But when Bailey dies abruptly, Lennie is catapulted to center stage of her own life—and, despite her nonexistent history with boys, suddenly finds herself struggling to balance two. Toby was Bailey's boyfriend; his grief mirrors Lennie's own. Joe is the new boy in town, a transplant from Paris whose nearly magical grin is matched only by his musical talent. For Lennie, they're the sun and the moon; one boy takes her out of her sorrow, the other comforts her in it. But just like their celestial counterparts, they can't collide without the whole wide world exploding.

The fact that I hardly remember this book truly shows how much this book meant to me... I marked it a 3 when I read it because it was a good enough book for me to reward it three whole stars but thinking about it now I think I might have over rated the book. I mean surely a book that I cannot remember neither enjoying nor hating just shows that I may have not cared one tiny bit about this novel.
I will keep this review brief and go on a hunt around my memory just to try and remember what I thought of the book while reading it. Lennie is a 17 year old bookworm and band geek who doesn't share her sisters spotlight and prefers to stay in the shadows. But once her sister dies unexpectedly she is catapulted into the main stage of her life. With no previous boy troubles Lennie now faces a love triangle with two boys. One her sisters boyfriend who is helping her deal with the grief of losing someone so close and the other a new boy with a fantastic grin who shines on her grief and manages to shine on her darkness.
I found the entire boy situation really strange. Closely after her sisters death Lennie is catapulted into boy trouble world? Especially with her dead sisters boyfriend. I'm not saying that Lennie should have been forever in despair and grief over losing her sister but I find it strange that all of a sudden her life is somewhat good. If that makes any sense to you guys. For all of you that read my reviews you will know that I love big emotional roller coasters in books when it comes to death or anything really.
So this book was a good enough read I guess. I'm not going to lie and say I enjoyed it blah blah blah when I clearly did not. The story line was not at all powerful for me to remember it.
There is one thing which I loved in this book. It was the notes that Lennie would leave on random pieces of paper. I did manage to absorb that habit of hers.
So, for anybody looking to read an okay book with an okay story line and you don't want to remember much of the book I do recommend it.

Halfway through the book a poem kept coming to mind when I was reading this (courtesy to goodreads for letting me update my thoughts while reading this novel)
“Death arrives among all that sound
like a shoe with no foot in it,
like a suit with no man in it,
comes and knocks,
using a ring with no stone in it,
with no finger in it,
comes and shouts with no mouth,
with no tongue, with no throat.
Nevertheless its steps can be heard and its clothing makes a hushed sound, like a tree"

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  1. Ah,a love triangle!I don't have huge problems with them like some do,but sometimes they are quite unnecessary in books.And I really don't get how a guy can be attracted to his girlfriend's sister just after she died.


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