Saturday, 17 January 2015

Changes, changes, changes

I still cannot believe that my last post was on Halloween, what I can’t believe more is what I was planning for weeks to write in this post.
First of all; happy New Year to all of my lovely fellow book lovers! I hope that the 17 days in 2015 have already been wonderful to you and that Santa brought you loads of shiny new books to read!!
Ever since the dreadful event with my internet being taken away from me, no, STOLEN from me I have been thinking about the time I have until September and just the amount of work I have left to do before I am off to university. I was ready to say my last goodbye to the blog and ask you all to forgive me. It’s a good thing that I still didn’t have internet at that point as I thought more about it and I decided to just take a break and see what it would be like not to log into my blogging life. It was a bliss during the first two or three days, I could read as much as I wanted without feeling bad about not posting a review, and I could finally stop burning my legs with my laptop overheating from hours on book blogs. As the days wore on I kept thinking about my next review, about my next comment, about checking out to see what everyone is up to. That’s when I decided that I will finalise a plan after the new year; I thought that giving myself about 3 months off would make me sure of my plan and stop me from getting all of your hopes up.
The truth is, my internet is poor sometimes (despite the fact that it’s meant to be amazing), my laptop has a broken screen and I have to plug it into my tv for me to use it which causes my neck to cramp and my eyes to hurt which makes blogging a hassle, and the laptop that I borrowed from my brother takes about half an hour to load a page (even though it’s a fairly new laptop!?!?)
Apart from my obvious technological issues I still have the big fat fact that college and my work has become far more demanding this year. It’s my last year therefore I need good grades to get into my university; and I need my job to be able to pass my driving test. Therefore I have about one and a half day during the week where I am not tired and have time for myself which I tend to give away to my books.
Therefore- the big announcement I guess; I am still going to be running Tangled In Pages, I am really busy and so I will post only once a week (if I manage it; although I will try my best to post a review) once a month I will post a big post about everything and run around like crazy on everyone’s blogs. The fact still stands that this school year I will be really busy but I can’t seem to be able to say my final goodbye; and Rashika who started this blog with me would (I hope) understand why I have to take such a drastic step back. I am still looking for a co-blogger to take the load off.

P.S. I am not promising that I will not have to change my plan when September comes. To be completely honest I have no idea what I will decide when I have to go off to university and if I will have the time to even post once a month, but lets worry about that later.

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  1. I am so glad that you are going to still be posting! I am sure it would be hard to be away from my blog too!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. Unlike all the bloggers I follow that are really methodical about their schedules and their online presence, I've been always a mess of a reviewer, LOL. I read when I feel like it, I post when I have something to say, I don't take away the pleasure of reading by making myself read something when I'm not into it.

    Well, I do like to call myself a blogger or a reviewer, but the truth is.. I am not. I am a reader and I love reading and that's all there is to me when it comes to that. And I am happy with that.

    So don't worry, many people will come back to your blog to see what you are doing/reading/thinking even if you don't post that ofter ;)

  3. That is actually the only thing that is making sense in my life right now! <3


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