Friday, 31 October 2014

Speaking to you beyond the grave... Internet grave that is.

I was rushed back into the middle ages where internet is nowhere to be found. Although Virgin Media in the UK is meant to be one of the best providers and I'm not saying that their internet is bad their service has proven to be absoluely useless. They gave us a one day notice that our internet will possibly be down until next Wednesday but do they not care about my blogging and my reviews?! When will this end! It's only Friday and I have about 5 days to go and I am going nuts. Well it's not so bad I mean I get to read a ton of books as I have no distractions or anything. If you're wondering what I'm doing right now and how I have managed to write this post I am babysitting my worries away. I am looking after a lovely little boy this evening instead of getting drunk and making bad mistakes. I at least can watch movies and use their internet; and yes I did only agree to this because of internet.


  1. Oops, that sucks! I don't know how you are coping.I can't live without internet.
    I was wondering where you disappeared to.Hope you'll get access to the internet soon.

  2. I hate it when I get no internet connection. Sometimes I am not even doing anything useful but I still feel the need to feel "connected" :))
    I hope you are not still offline after all this time.


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