Tuesday, 12 August 2014

RIP Robin Williams

This great man has shaped my childhood and when I found out that he has passed today it was like a big kick in the face. He managed to make everyone laugh even though he was struggling himself and to me he is the biggest hero that ever lived and I'm so glad I was able to                                              enjoy his movies as a child. 

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  1. we will all miss him. he is such a legend

  2. I was so sad when I found this out. I think it is so awful that he felt like he had to commit suicide. He was such a great man who with like you, shaped my childhood!

    I really hope he finds some level of peace <3

    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries

  3. Lovely tribute Paulina. It was so devastating when I found out too. I loved so many of his films.

  4. Thanks. I was going to do a Top Tuesday but I just wanted to post this for him :')

  5. Awesome tribute! Robin Williams was a huge part of my life also and it was tragic seeing him die. R.I.P Robin Williams.


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