Saturday, 16 August 2014

Mini Reviews: Fault and Thinspo by Amy Ellis

Fault by Amy  EllisFault by Amy Ellis

This is a phenomenal, remarkable, amazing novel. I… I couldn’t think straight after I read this. It was so extraordinary; it was so moving and powerful!
The story follows a teenage girl called Liz and her bestfriend who can get her to a lot of parties. One night she gets roofied and raped. The story is told in haunting verses about how Liz loses her friends, how she is blamed for what happened to her and how she tries to get her life back on track.
I can’t describe how amazing this was, it was a very moving and beautiful short novel. It tackled the problem of rape victims being blamed and at fault for what happened to them in a very poetic and moving way. 

Thinspo by Amy Ellis

I don’t know why I expected this book to be something other than what the title suggests. This short written in blog format and text messages by the main character Jenni who is an average girl graduating high school keeping a blog about her teenage life. Jenni is a pro-ana / pro- mia blogger who documents her struggles with her eating disorder, she keeps track of her weight, calories and what her parents make her eat. When Jenni’s best friend Carly discovers her blog everything turns into chaos for Jenni. Until she discovers Dani another pro- ana blogger suffering from an eating disorder.
This was rather hard to read, for someone that actually went through something similar thank goodness it was never as serious as Jennis eating disorder it was a massive eye opener. At first it made me actually identify with the pro-ana/ pro-mia bloggers which scared me as it’s not something I wish to revisit but as the story unfolded I realised just how selfish Jenni was as a character, and just how stupid she was for what she was putting her family through; I wanted to shake her and scream at her.
I don’t want to really go into this as it’s a rather touchy subject, but the novel was superb and the way it was written was really  original. I’m falling more and more in love with Amy’s writing and her stories. 

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