Saturday, 7 June 2014

Kindle vs Physical Copies.

To start this off I'll explain the reason for this post- Rashika and I decided long ago when we first started blogging that we should save Saturday's for something fun! So this is the reason for my little post about Kindles vs Physical Copies :-)

Ever since Amazon released the Kindle and others followed with different versions of a new way to read, readers and bloggers and pretty much anyone out there that has more than two braincells and likes to read have been listing pros and cons for each.
My best friend gave me a kindle last year that he wasn't using and I vowed to only use it whenever I received eARC or for all those little books that are only available as ebooks. But now with my library on the little device growing I find myself reading on it more often.

There is nothing I love more than smelling a brand new book, running my fingers over the words and the spine, looking at the pretty cover and the texture of it and then finally breaking the spine for the first time. Without that reading for me wouldn't be half the fun I think...
But then again books are heavy. And when I'm on the go, or I'm visiting someone for a few days I don't want to bring 5 books with me that are killing my back as I crawl to my destination.

Reasons why I like my Kindle

  1. It's super light! I don't have to use my non existent muscles carrying it around. 
  2. I can store a lot of books on there. YAY.
  3. The battery lasts for a long time. 
Reasons why my Kindle is annoying 
  1. I have to charge it a lot. 
  2. If I get a book from NetGalley the author's names are all messed up. 
  3. I like everything to be perfect and my Kindle messes up a lot with all of my books being in the wrong order ect. 
  4. I don't really like technology. 
  5. It doesn't feel like a real book and I can't add the books to my shelf collection. 

I will still use my Kindle for eARC and books that I can't get in print but I don't think I will ever switch from my lovely paperbacks to ebooks. I need the books to feel real, I need them in my hands. 
How about you guys? Have you taken the big leap after so many years of ereaders out there and are just using them? Or are yo still loving paper and hardback copies ? 


  1. Alex Sarah Louise Sharrock7 June 2014 at 16:24

    I have a Kobo which is kinda the same as a kindle and I have to say, I agree with you when it comes to the authors names being messed up! It is so annoying having loads of dots and dashes in a name!

    I get really bad aching pains in my hands so not having to hold huge books helps me out a lot.

    I am on the fence about which one I truly prefer, but I know I am gonna probably keep buying both formats. For me, I have just enough room for them to co-exist! :)

    Thanks for sharing & great post lovely! :) xx

    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries

  2. i use the kindle app on my ipad and I do really enjoy that I can have multiple books in one place, but i don't like to take it on the boat or to the lake, so I really like physical copies for that. Plus my Ipad makes it really hard to read in the sun!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  3. I have the kindle app on my phone as well but it's hard to read on it!

  4. That's great that you love both! :) I think I would be much happier if the authors names weren't messed up and it was easier to move the books around and it wasn't so confusing!

  5. As a dedicated physical book aficionado, I always enjoy hearing other people's thoughts on this topic. The best benefit that EVERYONE points out is an e-reader's ability to hold multiple books, which would be wonderful for vacations. When I go on a week-long trip, my suitcase is practically halfway filled with paperbacks! Still, I don't see myself buying an e-reader anytime soon - I just love flipping pages, gazing at covers, and having the sensation of an actual novel in my hands too much. I'm glad you share my love for physical books, but that you've been able to incorporate a few e-books in - I wish I could bring myself to do it! :)

  6. It took me a long long time before I got used to ebooks and I'm not even fully used to them. But I love being able to flip through pages, or randomly look at the cover halfway through a book!

  7. I'm very much the same! I have the original Nook, but I don't even use it now because I got a tablet, which has everything, including Nook and Kindle apps. I love using the Kindle app because I'm able simply to send eARCs to it without hassle, and I love how many books I get as eARCs that I'd probably not get physically. BUT, there's nothing like a real book. If I buy a book, it's probably in print, unless it's a great deal and something I don't necessarily know I want a physical copy of. I also bring my tablet everywhere, no matter what, so there's nothing extra to carry if I'm reading a book on it. When I read a real book, it's extra weight and I'm always afraid I'm going to ruin the book in my purse or book bag. Basically, I love the convenience, but will never stop buying real books. I think that's how most of us are. :D

  8. I love my kindle - the convenience is a major plus for me, and it's so easy to move on to my next book when I'm finished. I do really dislike the way it organizes books - I wish it was easier and faster to put books into collections. And I have to charge it a lot too - I thought it would have a remarkably better battery life until you read the small print and realize it's only if you read for 30 min a day. Who does that? :D

    But I also love physical books, so really I enjoy having the choice and switching between the two whenever I want. Now I only really buy physical books if I really love the story or if I am going to get it signed, and it really helps me keep my bookcases under control! :)

  9. My preference will always be paperback books, because I love collecting them. There is no better feeling than putting another book on the shelves :) But at the same time, it's very convenient to read on my e-reader. It's light, I can read in the dark when my boyfriend is sleeping (light sleeper, so now I just pop on my light function of the Kobo) and I can bring millions of books with me without the weight :p

  10. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that finds it satisfying to put a book on the shelf!


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