Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sunday Post and Stacking the Shelves #39

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog (we modified it to include some more stuff), showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. 

My mocks are over. wow. THAT was scary.. and a whole week of sleep deprivation resulted in me waking up at 1 on Friday (I didn't have any exams that day so no school!). I have been so tired this week. Exams have a way of sapping up all your energy and leaving an empty shell behind O_O I didn't put up a review this week because it took me forever to finish the book. It was annoying and boring and I was just too tired to write another review for a book that I didn't enjoy, but I did post a review for Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong on The Social Potato. I am still going to be around for another week before disappearing but I won't completely disappear from the blogsphere ^_^. I'll still try to drop by and comment :)

My week has been surprisingly calm and I had a lot of free time on my hands which is strange and I wasn't used to it. But next week is looking super busy! :(
Currently Reading
After the End by Amy Plum
Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)
Cover of the Week
Did Bloody Mary scare the bejusus out of you? (Does she still kind of?) Well then.. Disney is putting out a book and holy crap I am scared but so tempted at the same time. And that cover? SO EERIE. Like the fire and the smoke and the face. *shudders* I hope I can sleep tonight.

Book Haul
Stacking the Shelves
Hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.  

Rashika's Haul
I didn't request like crazy this week! yay for me! Although there was a flee market (that took place at the school) and my sister brought me back stuff since she was taking care of the book stall.
To Review
From le Flee Market
Really happy about this one because I had the ebook and now I have the PRETTY HARDBACK and I absolutely adored the series. *parteh*
This is definitely not my type but it is right up my mom's alley so I am giving it to her. 

What Happened
Umm not much? Seriously though. We apologize. We're kind of fading away lately due to the stress but we're still trying!
Coming Up
Reviews for Talker 25 and Banishing the Dark


  1. Great haul! I am excited for your reviews!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. OOooOOh, Lost looks good! But I can't look at the Cover-of-the-Week for too long without getting seriously creeped out ;) But I want to . . .

  3. Jenea Whittington23 March 2014 at 14:32

    Nice haul! Happy reading, hope it a good week for you.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever's Sunday Post

  4. Oh that feeling of relief when exams are over… I haven't had an exam for a while ( I graduated in 2005) and I probably wouldn't be able to do it any more to be honest, but I still can feel the physical relief when you walk out of that exam hall.

    Oh, I do love the cover of The Summoning - I'm all for horror, bring it on!

    Have a great week and Happy Reading.

    My Sunday Post is here

  5. I do not recognise any of your books in your haul. I will have to look them up! :) I am looking forward to your reviews of your current reads though. I loved Amy Plum's Renevants series! :) and I have been wanting to read Cinder for a while! :)

    By the way, after a year of follwing you and not being able to comment, I found that my anti virus was blocking all of my social media and discuss! So I can finally comment now *yay*

    ps: I have just moved to wordpress, my old blog will be going down soon! :)

    My Wordpress Blog

  6. After The End sounds kinda cool and has been popping up a lot. The Lost sounds interesting too...

  7. Hope your mocks went well Rashika!

    I received Cress to review last month but I haven't even read Cinder yet so I'll have to get a move on :/ I've heard so many good things about it so I hope you're enjoying it Paulina! :)

    Check out my SS here!

    Laura @ What's Hot?

  8. Reviews from a Bookworm23 March 2014 at 21:22

    Great haul. I love the look of Purge! I'm interested to see what you make of After the End, I'll be starting that one soon. I hope you enjoy your books :) My STS.

  9. I hope you enjoy After the End! :)

  10. I've read about 100 pages so far and I love it! Read it quickly :D

  11. They do :) I hope Rashika enjoys them :)

  12. I read the Renevants series a few years ago and I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I did. But I liked Amy's writing. WOOO!! I'm so happy you can comment now :D Thank you for following us for a year that genuinely makes me super happy :D

  13. I finished all my exams last year and now I just do coursework so I know the stress Rashika is going through! Happy reading.

  14. I picked up Cress last weekend after selling back some books at Half Price Books.

    Mary looks sooo creepy! I saw the episode of Supernatural recently that was based on the Bloody Mary legend. SCARY!

  15. There was a lot of good about the Oksannen but it's likely to be a tough read. Have a great week !


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