Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Happy New Year 2014

We wish all of you guys a Happy New Year. May the new year bring you lots of joy and all that cheese. May you reads tons of books and discover new hidden gems but most of all may you become a better person than you were last year (not us though because we are already perfect). Actually most of all we hope that you read a lot because who cares about socializing. Books for the win. This year will be exciting for both Paulina and I seeing that we are completing school this year. We do hope everyone experiences new awesome things this year (no one said you couldn't experience them by reading did they? So you could probably tell your friends you went mountain climbing if one of the characters you read about did). Here is to a great new year!

And because Rashika (did anyone notice that I just referred to myself in third person) is a huge fan of The Hobbit

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