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The Darkest Powers Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong

The Darkest PowersName of series: The Darkest Powers
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Orbit
Number of books: 3 parts (not including the Spin Off)
Buy: Amazon
The Darkest Powers is a series of paranormal novels by Kelley Armstrong. The series revolves around The Edison Group, a team of supernatural scientists, and the subjects they experimented on. Armstrong divided the series into trilogies. The Summoning, The Awakening, and The Reckoning make up The Darkest Powers trilogy. The Darkest Powers trilogy is view through the eyes of Chloe Saunders, a fifteen-year-old necromancer, as her and her friends escape The Edison Group.

The whole series was amazing. Everything starting from the characters to the plot to the romance. By no means was anything perfect and yes there were times when the books were boring but in the end it was still great. Chloe is one of the main reasons why I love this book. She is a good female lead. It’s hard to find good female leads these days. They are always looking for romance. Chloe though made it clear in the first book that for her it isn’t about romance. She doesn’t have time for that and she sticks with it. The romance in this book has been slowly developed over the previous two and it MAKES SENSE! You can understand why they would end up together. It isn’t that the girl wakes up one day and decides she is going to swoon over the guy.

must not talk about the romance . Okay so *gets grip of self* yeah. What was I saying? Yeah about the other things. The plot is neither too fast paced nor slow. The author slowly unveils answers, slowly enough to leave us anticipating but not so slow that we die of frustration. It really is neat. I mean there isn’t much of a mystery going on but you slowly learn things about how these characters came to be where they are right now. The author has also planned out the series really well. Each book serves it’s own purpose in the series. Although the books may end on cliff hangers (I cannot say much because I had all three books at hand), I really think the author did a great job. The whole series seems so complete.

Now the ENDING! THIS IS HOW YOU END A SERIES! I’ve read so many disappointing endings. I read this book back in October last year and even though its January now I’ve still read more disappointing endings.
The authors either make it too happy and final or well they make it too cliffhangerish or depressing. Kelley Armstrong does neither. There is a sense of finality in the way that well we know the series is over but we know that it isn’t over for the character’s yet. They still have things to do but they did “save the day”. It makes ME happy because well I’d like to imagine that my character’s lives will go on even after I put the book down. They will still have their adventures and things to fight against or whatever. Is it too much to ask that all authors try to end their series’ in similar ways.

I recommend this series to everyone because it is great. By no means is it the best that is out there and even though it has your usual werewolf, witch, necromancer, demons etc. it has this sense of originality as well and it is a nice easy read.


  1. I've only read one Kelley Armstrong book before (not part of this series) and I remember enjoying it. After such a glowing review I think I'll have to add this series to my wishlist!!! Glad to hear that this female lead isn't out for romance. I also totally get what you mean about the endings!! It's so frustrating when an amazing series has a mediocre ending because it just ruins everything :'(

    Awesome review :))

    Laura @ What's Hot?

  2. Bitten??? :D :D I loved Bitten.
    BTW you should check out Omens by her if you're a fellow fan! :D
    Thanks Laura!


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