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Shadowed by Sarah Alderson

Title: Shadowed
Author: Sarah Alderson
Series: Fated #3
Publisher: Amazon
Date Published: March 30, 2013
Buy: Amazon
Goodreads Summary
Fate has won. The realms have been severed…but the fight’s still far from over. 
It’s been three months since the devastating battle that closed the way through between this world and the demon realms but Evie’s still reeling from all she’s lost.
When news reaches her that a group of Originals is on the prowl in LA and growing in numbers, Evie must decide whether to join the rogue Hunters in a final battle or fight her fate one last time.
The way through might be closed. But that doesn’t mean Evie’s got closure.

When I got a copy of Shadowed to review as part of the Shadowed blog tour (on my old blog), I was all over the place. I had been dying for the book since the ending to Severed so when I got my hands on the copy, ka boom.
Despite being so happy I was also scared.. what if things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to? What if Lucas was really dead? I mean I didn’t believe he was but what if… I would have lost it. Besides I didn’t want the series to end, this was the final book there would be no more after this one. This was it. So I sat there staring at the book like:
After a day I ‘manned up’, mostly because I couldn’t wait anymore, I had the book, I needed to read it. I needed to KNOW!
So it wasn’t the best book in the series, I wasn’t disappointed, I just wanted more. Like 600 pages or something. I love the series too much. It just wasn’t enough to satisfy my needs.
Evie’s determination, as always, is one of the things that make her a great character, but in this book we are also dealing with her grief over the loss of Lucas. I like how she transitions from a state of total depression to one where she wants to get up and do something, where she wants revenge.  But I also love that despite this need for revenge she can still think straight, she knows when she is about to make a bad decision.
I love how Cyrus (yes he is alive, but you find this out early on in the book so technically it isn’t a spoiler) changes over the course of the two books, from a Cocky guy he becomes someone who is confused and then someone who falls in love. It’s rather cute to watch him fall in love.
I am glad that in this book we saw more of Flic, in the last book there wasn’t much of her but I really liked her character, the way she was loyal towards her brother and ready to do anything for him even when he made stupid decisions. She easily became one of my favorite characters in the series (my favorite being Lucas).
One thing I was upset about was that I wish we got to see more of her relationship with her mother. I  thought her mother was an interesting character and I loved their relationship in the first book and I was hoping we could see more in this book, but in what little we do see, Evie is rather rude to her mother, she knows she is but she cannot tell her mother the truth. The other relationships in this book were interesting as well, but I won’t talk about them.
The plot itself is rather interesting, you could claim that some of the things were random but I don’t believe they were. The hints were always there in the other two books if you think about it.
But really, I love the ending, sometimes I’ll read it again because it makes me happy. I wanted more but I think it’s the perfect way to end the series. It’s an open ending but there is a closure of sorts. We still get to imagine all of our beloved characters fighting and saving the world, we know that it doesn’t end there for them even if our journey with them is over.
Many thanks to Sarah for providing me with a review copy. No seriously. I really needed this! 

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