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Severed by Sarah Alderson

Title: Severed
Author: Sarah Alderson
Series: Fated #2
Publisher: Amazon
Date Published: November 28, 2012
Buy: Amazon
 Goodreads Summary
 Fate brought them together.
 Now it’s threatening to tear them apart.
 As the last in a long line of demon slayers, Evie’s destiny is to end the war that has raged for centuries between humans and demons.
Lucas, the half-Shadow Warrior half-human who was sent to kill her, has betrayed his own Brotherhood and his family to fight alongside her.
With an army of unhumans on their tail, Evie and Lucas are forced into an uneasy alliance with a group of rogue Hunters who offer protection and the promise of answers.
As the past is untangled and the dark history of the Hunters revealed, Evie discovers that severing the realms is going to require a lot more than just fighting. It’s going to require a sacrifice – one that only she can make.
…More than realms will be severed.

I had read Fated not realizing that the sequel was not available yet and when I realized there wasn’t more Lucas and Evie to read I went into frenzy. Then I realized I only had to wait a month or so for the sequel so I calmed down a bit. Even though the last book didn’t end on a cliff hanger I felt as though it did because I had fallen so head over heels in love with the book that I wasn’t ready to let it go.
So I stalked Severed until it finally came out. I may not have waited as long as most people but believe me when I say it was long enough for me. I read this book so quickly I am not sure I did anything else. Right from the start to the end I was constantly on the edge.
The author doesn’t skip a beat and dumps us right where Fated ended, with Evie and Lucas on the run from the brotherhood and the hunters. Evie still has to come to term with being the White Light. She isn’t sure what she has to do but she doesn’t like the fact that she doesn’t have a choice. Lucas wants to help her fulfill her prophecy but at the same time protect her.
If you thought Fated was amazing… Severed blew minds. Well at least it blew mine. The first one was merely an introduction into the world of Fated, the second one was full of action. At every corner there is a new challenge awaiting them and Evie and Lucas fight through everything together. In this book we can see their relationship strengthen. They grow stronger and learn from their mistakes, they don’t doubt each other, they only want to protect one another.
Both the characters develop and learn from their past mistakes and become each other’s rocks. They don’t just change all of a sudden, like in Lucas’s case he needs to let go of his prejudices but he learns. There aren’t any personality transplants because no one can just change over time.
Also I am going to use this quote to describe Lucas, I would have used it in my review of Fated but well the quote is from Severed and I really need to use this quote. Like right now.
‘What is it about him? What is it that makes you females of all the species lose the plot so entirely?’
I’ve had this quote for the past 3 months. I stare at it every single day because seriously, I am over my head in love with Lucas.( *shies away*, I know there are a lot of guys I am in love with.. leave me alone okay?? I am just an innocent creature)
One of the things I am really happy about that is despite all the pressure one her, Evie still manages to retain her wit, she doesn’t let all the things going around weaken her.
I still haven't mentioned Cyrus. He was fun to have around. Lucas as we know is our serious guy, he may crack the occasional joke but he has too much on his mind to actually let loose properly. Cyrus though, he is the funny guy always saying the hilarious things to lighten the mood.
This book isn’t for the light hearted. After finishing the book I hated Sarah so much because I felt so heart broken, but then I started making my own theories and she announced that Shadowed would be released early in 2013 (now at the end of March) so I was able to forgive her (I love her too much to hate her anyway.. it has hard). But all fans of Fated, read this. I command you to and if you haven’t read Fated, what the hell are you waiting for? The apocalypse? (OMG I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SAY THAT)
P.S. I didn’t give this a five because I was really upset about the ending alright? I think I worried the hell out of everyone with my behavior.

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