Saturday, 28 September 2013

Pretty Little Liars (TV show)

I love this whole show! It’s just so good! Ah.
But there are so so many things that annoy me! So this review will be about the stuff that annoy me in the show and the next one I do will be about stuff that I love ;) 

1-      I love the stuff that all the girls wear especially Aria she has a great sense of fashion but why do they always have to wear such great outfits? I want to see something that could be worn during a normal day. They always look like they are off to a party or something when all they do is, sit at home or just go to each other’s house. Maybe it’s just me as I only dress as if I’m on the red carpet or if I’ve been homeless for a few years and throw whatever I find on.

2-      How is the police so stupid?! The girls are always there. Something always happens with one of them and their families. If I found evidence that one of the girls was at the scene of a murder or she dug up her bestfriends grave (even if she doesn’t remember anything or whatever) I would be suspicious. It’s just stupid that the police and the detectives that are apparently always on “the case” don’t even know about some of the really obvious stuff. 

3-      How the hell does “A” and the girl in the red coat run around so quietly without anyone ever noticing them? I trip over everything and make a riot when I walk trying my hardest to be quiet. Like how… Teach me masters.

4-      I have done drama and I know all the dramatic techniques and how there all great… And the freeze frame was my favourite and blah blah blah. But am I the only one that gets annoyed when something happens even if it’s little they turn their heads and look away. It’s so annoying!

      Anwayyyy I love love love the show! I know I mentioned some stuff that annoy me but the show is so good! It’s original and so fun. The whole mystery whether or not Alison is alive or not is just great- I always guess who A can be and I really want to find out now!

This is my favorite scene!!

Ahh love this!


  1. Leigh (Little Book Star)28 September 2013 at 19:51

    Someday I'll watch this show on Netflix lol. I'm not really a big fan of shows like PLL, Gossip Girl, etc. but I heard great things about those shows. I hate cops in shows and real life; they're always late and useless lol and they think they're 'all that'. Like, hell no you ain't! I already know who 'A' is because my friends spoiled it for me -_- but it would be interesting to see how 'A' was revealed.

  2. A is different in the show :-) but I know what you mean! I can't stand shows like this but I really loved the first episode


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