Tuesday, 13 August 2013

We are back!! :D

So I came back about a week ago but what with school starting and everything else it's going to take me some time to come back on. Although I do hope to get back with my reviewing/reading list sometime this week.

Now with the good news.. Paul(ina) and I realized that we hit a 100 followers sometime last month so we are deciding to have a giveaway sometime soon (well as soon as I figure the whole thing out). I hope all of you guys will enter.

Also we are both seniors so wish us luck! This is going to be one of the hardest years of our lives.

We are both happy to be back and hope that we all can look to good times ahead.


  1. It's great to have you back!! and good luck with the senior year! I'm from London so i don't get all of the junior and senior year stuff, but good luck and I'm looking forward to the giveaway!!

    1. The senior year is basically the last year of school (and also of college). Thanks June :)


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