Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Host Movie

So as we all know the Host recently came out as a movie... And I just wanted to share my thoughts about the crapness of the precious hours I've spent watching the horrible movie.

I cannot be the only one thinking that turning The Host by Stephenie Meyer into a movie was a big mistake. Right? I mean come one. Right…

I loved/liked the book, I thought it was a really good idea and I just liked it and I was gaining faith in Stephenie’s writing… Look at my review of the book here.

For starters, what is up with Saoirse Ronan (Plays Melanie/Wanda) in this movie… She looks like she’s about 12… Why was she picked to play this role? I have nothing against her personally but she isn’t the Mel that I’ve pictured. And her acting here is a little bit weird. Reminded me of Kristen Steward with her awkward stances, her posture, and the way she was acting around other people. Just no. Go be awkward somewhere else!

From the beginning I knew that this was going to be poop. The book itself is long and many things happen that need to be included for the story to make sense. Everything was rushed and too many things missing. Wanda didn’t make a connection with neither Ian nor Jamie which is key, without a connection to them she wouldn’t be there she’d be dead somewhere. There was no hate for Wanda not even from Kyle who was meant to be trying to kill her every chance he got but nope just one little I’m-going-to-kill-you scene. The one thing that I was happy with was the part where Wanda loses Mel in her head for three days. I would have flipped if this wasn’t in there or they somehow ruined this for me. That was one of my favourite bits in the book- although I feel bad for Ian the poor guy had to watch the girl he was falling in love with kiss the dude that the girl inside the girl was in love with. Erm yeah.

At least Max Irons and Jake Abel are hot. I guess that is a plus right? I mean imagine if they looked like trolls.

I don’t understand why there was such a hype and need for this to be a movie… Is it because of Twilight? Or did they just want to ruin the book for everyone?

The whole movie was just ugh. I don’t see how Wanda was played by Emily Browning at the very end… She is not someone that I would have picked to play her! At all, just no. Pick someone more Wanda like.

I still can’t get over how terrible the movie was! Too much stuff was missing, too many things were wrong, too many annoying bits. Another thing that annoyed me… The relationship with Wanda and Mel. Mel hates her and tells her so and within a minute she loves her and are sisters. Where was the bonding?! Who wrote the script for the movie like seriously. Do they not know that bonds need to be formed before you’re ready to go sacrifice yourself else?

Like seriously. What. Did. I. Watch.

Holy Mary and the donkey that carried her to Bethlehem I cannot believe I waited for this movie! I was so excited during the book to find out how they did some of my favourite scenes and they mucked all it up! 

 The movie was meant to be chocolate chip ice cream but instead we got mud covered in crap. 

It gets a star because of Max and Jake... No other reason!


  1. I completely agree with you. I loved this book and was so excited when I heard it was going to be a movie. I actually apologised to my friends who went to watch it with me (as they are not readers) because I thought it was bad! I don't even have words to describe how bad and overacted some of the scenes where. Atleast the Guy's were hot and something to watch.
    I enjoy your post about it though :)

    1. I just still can't believe how terrible it was! I'm so glad I didn't go to the cinema to watch it because I'd break down and cry

  2. I did think the actress that played Mel wasn't great, which was really disappointing, but I thought the rest of the cast was pretty good. I read the book only one time when it first came out so I couldn't remember a single thing about it. So maybe that is why I thought The Host was a pretty good movie. Sorry it sucked so bad for you! I can see why it did.

    1. I liked the rest of the cast it was just the actresses that played Mel and Wanda. It was just frustrating I wish I watched the movie before the book.


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