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Promise Me This by Sarah Ashley Jones

Promise Me This by Sarah Ashley Jones

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Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Welcome to the South - where the tea is sweet and the accents are sweeter. This Southern way of life is all Charlie has ever known. It’s not until she loses the only person who pushed her to break free of the Southern Belle mold that she starts living the life she needs and not the life her parents forced on her.

Jhett has lived on the edge for as long as he could remember - constantly teetering back and forth between being a rock star and living a normal life. His rebellious and sometimes arrogant attitude is known to get him into trouble, especially with the girls who hang on his every move.

Charlie never thought that a trip to pack up her brother’s apartment would leave her feeling even more unsettled about the grainy details of her brother’s death. Her quest for information leads her straight to his old hangout and into arms of Jhett, who suspiciously knows more about her situation than he ever should.

Only a few questions remain - Can you trust someone based on their word alone? And if you make a promise, how far will you go to keep it?

About The Author

Sarah Ashley Jones was raised in San Diego, California, but currently wrangles her husband and four dogs in Clarksville, Tennessee. When she's not writing she works in a pottery studio and comes home covered in paint on a daily basis. She has a slightly unhealthy obsession with cupcakes and chapstick. She is an eternal optimist and can often be found dancing and singing to music at any given time. It's rare to see her not smiling or laughing, but if you do, just bring her a cupcake and it will cheer her up.

Promise Me This is her first novel and is a story that weaseled its way into her heart and wouldn't leave her alone until she typed it up on the computer. She already is hard at work on ideas for her next book and hopes that the
characters never stop coming to her. Her huge imagination was always in overdrive as a child and now she is beyond excited to put it to good use as an adult. She plans to write as long as she has stories that need to be told.




There are many novels out there that read along the same lines as Promise Me This so one cannot expect much except hope for the book to be a fun read, which it was.

I think I’ll start with things that didn’t work and then I’ll go onto the things that did.

I don’t expect much from tragedies in general (of course there are a few exceptions) and this one wasn’t that much different. This book doesn’t focus on the loss of a loved one in a way that satisfies me. It is more focused on the romance than it is on healing.  There are a few mentions of Cameron but I feel like they are forced or they serve as a way as a reminder of the fact that the characters lost someone they loved.

The parents aren’t particularly great in this book. The father does become better but it doesn’t excuse the fact that he wasn’t a particularly good parent. The mother is awful. I hate it when parents are portrayed in such manner. I love supportive parents. I know not all parents are nice and supportive but I the portrayal of Charlie’s parents rings false.

It isn’t only Charlie’s family that is awful; Jhett’s sister Gracie is equally horrendous. Her actions do not make sense to me. Not that there isn’t a reason given but you know he is your BROTHER. Doesn’t family mean anything to her? I also hate how she acts with Charlie. If you really loved Cameron you wouldn’t do that to his twin sister. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Gracie. She wants us to feel sorry for her but really Charlie’s loss is greater than hers. Charlie knew Cameron her entire life but Gracie had only known him for 2 years. Now I am not saying that Gracie’s loss is insignificant but to lose someone you have known your entire life hurts a lot more.

There is this part in the book where Jhett says that Charlie isn’t like most girls. Now that sets off my alarms. What do you mean most girls? Most girls I know are actually pretty decent so I don’t know what ‘most girls’ refers to here unless it’s a stereotype (which I know it is); in that case I am offended.

I may or may not have also been bothered by the fact that almost everyone in this book is hot. I don’t understand the need to make characters hot in general. The fact they are hot doesn’t mean we will like them better. What I want is a good character; I’d like to know what they look, but for me it doesn’t matter whether they are hot or not. Personally I find that characters are more relateable if they aren’t model gorgeous.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book was Jhett. I didn’t expect much from him when he was introduced because he was a walking stereotype complete with the tattoos, the fact that he played the guitar and also sang (secretly), but then he gave a ride home to Charlie on his bicycle. That’s right not his motorbike, his bicycle. That was gold. Jhett also happens to be a chef. Now I am sure some people won’t really be moved by that fact but for someone who loves food that appeals to me.

Charlie wasn’t that bad of a character either. She wasn’t completely na├»ve and she didn’t beat around the bush, she knew what she wanted and that was that.

Their relationship was well developed, yes Jhett was obviously keeping a secret because he was afraid to tell Charlie but aside from that they worked pretty well.  I don’t get the insta-love(lust) vibes from their relationship either. Jhett may have been too easily fascinated by Charlie but since he knows so much about her already it makes sense. The highlight of their relationship was near the end, it was Charlie that made me proud during that moment.

This book was an entertaining read and I would recommend it for anyone looking to cool down or anyone who just wants something light.

      “Is there something on my face?” I asked, mid-wipe.

      “You’ve got a little…frosting…” He chuckled as he brought his hand up to my cheek and ran the gentle pad of his thumb over my now parted lips.  He inspected his work and frowned.  “I don’t think I got it all…” His voice was a low growl as he leaned in and kissed the
corner of my lips; trailing feathery kisses at a teasingly slow place down to
the center of my bottom lip, before sucking it all the way into his mouth.  He nibbled on it softly while he tangled his hand into my hair and deepened the kiss. I was leaning into him, craving more of his touch with each second that passed.

      Jhett brought his other hand up to my cheek, cupped my face with both hands, and broke the kiss.  I let out an unexpected whimper as he drew my forehead in to his.  “Any more of that, and we won’t make it to the rest of your birthday presents,” he said between breaths.

      I sat back and folded my hands into my lap.  “Well, if we get to do that again as one of them, I’m all about it,” I smirked at him.

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