Friday, 31 May 2013

The "What If" Guy Blog Tour- Brooke Moss Interview

What would you do if you're "what if" guy showed up at the lowest point of your life?

(Autumn Cole clocked hers with an encyclopedia.)

After losing her job at a swanky Seattle art gallery and finding out 
her father has been hospitalized, single mother Autumn Cole 
reluctantly returns to her tiny hometown of Fairfield, Washington to 
put the pieces of her life back together.
Her disgruntled twelve-year old son isn't thrilled about going from hip to hick, but Autumn's got it worse. She resumes her role as the daughter of the town drunk, promptly facing a crisis with her father that's been decades in the making.

Running into Henry Tobler, and nearly breaking his nose, is almost more than she can handle, but can rediscovering love-and herself-with her "what if" guy teach Autumn to forgive before it's too late?


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Brooke writes complex, character-driven stories about kismet, reunited 
lovers, first love, and the kind of romance that we should all have 
the chance at finding. She prefers her stories laced with some humor 
just for fun, and enough drama to keep her readers flipping the pages, 
and begging for more!

When Brooke isn't spinning tales, she spends her time 
drawing/cartooning, reading two books a week (ask her who her faves 
are), watching movies then comparing them to books, and, of course, 
wrangling four kids, one hubby she lovingly refers to as her "nerd", 
and attempting to conquer the Mount Everest of laundry that is the 
bane of her existence.

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 What inspired you do write this book?  
I wanted to write a story about a single mother, and about coming back to a small town after years in a big city. 

 Did you picture yourself as the main character? 
Sometimes, though Autumn is younger, thinner, and redheaded. :) But emotionally, yes. Very much so.

 Were the characters realistic? Did you have someone in mind when writing them?
Absolutely. I envisioned myself in Autumn's situation. And her son, Elliott, was based on my oldest son, Liam.

 What was the hardest part of writing The "What if" Guy?
The character of Billy Cole and his physical ailments were sort of emotional for me. I have a parent who struggles with alcoholism, & my had had just died of liver failure when I wrote the book.

 Are you planning on writing any more books? If so would you like to give us a clue to your projects? 
Yes! I have three other books available: The Carny, Bittersweet (a novella available in the Love Knows No Bounds anthology, and Keeping Secrets in Seattle. I also have a fantasy YA coming out sometime this summer, entitled Underwater. And a romantic women's fiction as well. It's titled Baby & Bump.

A massive thank you for Brooke Moss for taking the time and doing this interview with us here! I will be reviewing The "What If" Guy shortly so watch out for that! 

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