Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Paulina is about to have a mental breakdown!

I thought that me not having exams this year life would be easy and I could run the blog while my lovely Rashika is off getting education. But guess what. Having to make a film, then do all the production work along with about 10 essays and further 10 essays for my law coursework because I was silly enough to do an extra class even though I wasn't technically allowed to has proven to be rather hard! Not even daring to mention some of the work I need to redo to get that perfect grade at the end of the month. In only 3 weeks!!! 

Anyway! Life is hard, work is stressful and coursework is a bitch. Even though I was rather okay if I say so myself at balancing everything the pressure is getting to me and I'm afraid that the blog will have to suffer a little bit. 
As some of you lovely followers (did I mention I love you guys? No. WELL I DO) may have noticed last week was a complete nope for us and I didn't get to post anything :( which was really sad for me! I have decided that I will still post my weekly reviews on Thursday; so keep an eye out on them, and I will still try to do at least one meme a week or do something fun (if it works out for me) and every two weeks I will do a Sunday post just to say hi and tell you guys I'm not dead! 

Also update on the giveaway that we've been having for a month. It's almost over and I'm happy to say that we got loads and loads of entries :D I will be emailing all the lucky winners during the next week and I will be posting everything in the next two weeks so keep an eye out on the blog on Sunday' and your email addresses! 

I didn't want to leave you guys too sad about me not being around too much. But I will still be running around and looking at your blogs when I'm free and you can always tweet me! <3

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