Thursday, 3 April 2014

In response to Rashika being gone for a while

I wish Rashika the best of luck on her revising and her exams as I know they are a massive pain the butt! And just thinking about them causes me to pretty much look like that--- 

But don't you worry guys. Tangled In Pages is not being abandoned, it is however being left in the hands of someone who has the technology skills of a horse... But I will still be here to take care of posts and comments and all the blogging stuff! Although I will miss having Rashika here with me tons and tons! I hope you guys aren't crying over her being gone for a while and being stuck with me :) 
We are going to party hard! 

PS- Rashika is evil! I never liked gifs before and now I'm obsessed with them!


  1. i will miss rashika too. Good luck in the exams

  2. "the technological knowledge of a horse" That sounds like me! :)

    Best of luck to Rashika in her exams!

    By the way, I completely lost at the twerking Hitler gif! :') xxxx

    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries

  3. The amount of time I had to run to Rashika about a little tech problem is embarrassing!


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