Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas is almost hereeeee

Hey everyone! It'll be Christmas in two days! :D We thought we'd share what we usually do around this time and what we're doing this year!

So, we don't really celebrate Christmas but my sister and I tend to do little things. Like this year we bought each other presents (and we already know what they are going to be, sadly, or not so sadly). But usually we watch tons of Christmasy movies we used to watch when we were kids and we sing carols and you know the usual. 

I also tend to re-read A Christmas Carol or watch the movie and I have two books full of short stories that I've had since I was a kid that I tend to re-read around this time of the year. 

It's such a merry time and for the first time a while, I kind of hope it snows on Christmas. I cannot imagine how gorgeous it'll be.

We're also going to go watch Frozen today so I am really excited! It's a great movie to watch around Christmas time. 

I hope all of you guys enjoy the wonderful Holiday season with your families, even if you don't celebrate Christmas. 


This Christmas does not feel like the usual merry Christmas at my house or anywhere around here. Apart from the big displays in everyone's homes and gardens and the mass amounts of people running around trying to find the perfect gift in a tiny amount of time while others press around you and run around, pushing, wining, swearing behind you because the queue is so long; I would not actually notice that it's Christmas time. Once again there is no snow here in England just the rainy muddy crappy weather that we get each year. 
Okay so end of rant... Kinda. 

Unlike Rashika pretty much everyone here does celebrate Christmas and everyone has some great different traditions including my family. Christmas is one of my favorite times in the year; because of the tradition that my little family has been following for years. I absolutely love it. On Christmas Eve we have a supper with 12 dishes (Christian thing) and then we open our presents, then Christmas Day comes and with the excitement of opening presents already gone we prepare the lunch and dinner and basically stuff our faces until we can hardly move and we watch Christmas movies and spend the entire time with each other which is just lovely. And everything is so Christmasy that it's just so wonderful that I absolutely love it, including that Christmas smell that I can't even describe. 

This year is different however. Nothing feels like Christmas. My family and I are spending time with my mom's friends and I'm sure it's going to be great and wonderful but it means that we don't get to have our little traditions like my mom giving a speech about how she does everything and we never help, hiding some of the Christmas tree decorations around the house because we just have so many that the tree will fall! Wrapping up some of our cat's toys and pretending to give it to them. Just little things to pass the time. 
This year we have already opened most of our presents ( mine weren't even wrapped :( ) There is no snow once again! I FREAKING LOVE SNOW! 

Erm okay I kind of went off a little. Anyway my Christmas isn't feeling so Christmasy yet but hopefully you guys are enjoying this time of the year! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a great time spending the time with your loved ones. I'm also sending out my merry thoughts to those who don't have anyone this Christmas and are spending this time of the year alone <3



  1. Aw, Paulina, I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling very Christmasy :( I hope something change, so you'll be able to enjoy this time of the year after all! And have fun with Frozen Rashika, I'll be watching it soon and I can't wait!

  2. I totally know what you guys mean! There was just a major warm front over here where I live, and all the snow I got last week melted because the weather was at 70 degrees X_X I'm Chinese, so Christmas is never a really big tradition at my house, but I watch Christmas movies too, and some of the movies are so festive and adorable and they really get me into the Christmas spirit :)

  3. Yeah same here. But hey, this year my sister and I decided to surprise our parents with gifts :P It didn't work though because parents.
    Happy Holidays to you Eileen <3


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