Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #3

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

So to the topic for this week is Top Ten Best/Worst Series Endings.

Okay this is really hard for many reasons. For one there are many series I still need to finish (that have already concluded) and two the best part is really hard so instead of 5 I only chose 3. The worst part was rather easy though (because my life is full of big fat disappointments). This list is in no particular order.

Best Series Endings

Specials by Scott Westerfeld: Unlike a lot of people who didn't like this book as much (Team Zane :P), I loved this. The ending, while it wasn't my ideal ending, was perfect. There IS a book after this but it's an Extra (like it's title) so it doesn't really count. 

Troubling a Star by Madeline L'Engle: This book was perfect. I don't have words for it but it ended perfectly, albeit it left you with questions (about Adam and Vicky,) but it was still perfect.

Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning: This series was amazing, like anyone else out there will tell you and it ended on the best note, it wrapped up the series and everything tied in. 

Worst Series Endings

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare: Ha. She took the easy way out there is no excuse for that. Plus the main character, Tessa, was a complete air head (that's kind of harsh :P). Always butting in. 

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins: Forget the ending, the entire book was a disappointment. Katniss became a lousy puppet and lead everyone on and was a big fat hypocrite. 

Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke: Ugh. I read this back in 8th grade but it was extremely disappointing. Meg (I think that was her name) became a whiny shell of a character and spend too much time obsessing over Farid. But I actually liked Farid.

Timekeeper by Alexandra Monir: One of my most awaited sequels and it turned out to be shit. I was just heartbroken by how it turned out. She had 2 years to write it yet it was awful. It felt incomplete and it didn't have the beauty of the first book.

Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling: I am the only one in the world who felt disappointed by Deathly Hallows. I needed something more out of the ending. I didn't want the cheesy epilogue. I didn't want  so many people to die. 


  1. I completely agree with Mockingjay, i mean what?!? I loved the series and then the last book just pulled it down :(, i also agree with Deathly Hallows (though i haven't found anyone else yet that doesn't have it on their best list, so we may be targeted :P) However i'm not sure about Extras as i never got around to reading it after Specials. Also does that mean you are Team Zane or think people in team Zane didn't like that book as much?

    My TTT

  2. The Quiet Concert8 October 2013 at 13:43

    Aw this list makes me sad hah. We had Clockwork Princess and Deathly Hallows on our best list. But I agree 100% that she took the easy way out. That bugged me too.

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  3. I am one of the few people who were disappointed by Deathly Hallows :P I just loved the series so much until that point, okay honestly it was the 5th book that stopped me from being totally obsessed with the series (they killed Sirius :() and then so many people died in the 7th book that I just didn't feel like it was worth it. :/

  4. YAYYYY YOU AGREE WITH ME! This moment needs to go down in history because seriously! This happens so rarely!

    I was Team David. :P Which explains why I think Team Zane people didn't like Specials :P
    (I am sorrryyy if I come off as rude :P I just I just this is one of the few times I was on the right side... plus I hated it when 'that' happened. I almost cried like everyone else..)

  5. That may be why, i was Team Zane, which as you said explains a lot. Also haha don't worry i know exactly what you mean and you definitely don't come off as rude :)

  6. Oh well :/ :P I am hoping to find a fellow Team David someday but honestly.. who cares when I finally found someone who thinks that the 7th book was disappointing!!!!

  7. Mockingjay was the worst ending ever. It ruined the entire series for me!!! :'( I think the HP ending could've been better but it wasn't a bad end. I'm so sad that Clockwork Princess is on this list!! I was really looking forward to the series but now I'm not so sure :(

    Laura @ What's Hot?

  8. Same here. i remember laying down on my bed with my heart in pieces. :/
    Hey most people liked the ending so don't worry :P
    it got a great rating :)
    I just didn't like it for my own reasons but when you read it let me know so I can see what you think!


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