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Review: Phantom by L. J. Smith

10959535Title: Vampire Diaries- Phantom
Author: L. J. Smith
Series: Vampier Diaries
Publisher: Hodder Children's Publishers
Date Published: October 25, 2011
Buy: Amazon

Goodreads summary

Since meeting the irresistible vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert has been to hell and back. Now that she and her friends have saved their hometown from a demonic sprit, everything can finally go back to normal. But Elena should know better than anyone that Fell’s Church will never be normal. In Phantom, a dangerous new threat sets its sights on Elena. And this time she can only count on one Salvatore brother to protect her.

(NOTE: So I read this ages ago but I wanted to share my review because I kinda giggled at the stuff I wrote.)

First of all this plot was outrageous!! The plot should have been impossible but it somehow was, it was somehow put together and written and then sold.

Reasons I read the book and reasons I will read the end of the series:

I have to end a series I started whatever it might be or take for me to finish it I will, and come on its vampire diaries, it has Damon and Stefan in there and for me that was enough to buy this stupid book.

So apart from the characters what did I love? Well truth be told not much, there were bits I did sort of like but not enough to classify this book as any good. The story never died for me in Midnight, but this was not the way I thought it would carry on, it was as if L.J Smith took a pen and wrote whatever came into her mind while she was in a coma and then ta-da.

Why oh why does this book have to go on and on about how great Elena is?!?! I get it she’s one of the main characters and the story is mostly about her but seriously? Are you f****** kidding me?! Why is she dying so much? Why the hell is she coming back?! Why the hell is she breaking poor Stefan’s heart all the bloody time?! I mean come on! I love him to bits but that boy has to grow a backbone and ditch her, if I had anyone who adored me as much as he does her I would never ever even think about anyone else (or at least try to).

And what the hell is up with Elena being so bitchy in this book? Is she on her period for the whole thing? Why does every single breathing and non breathing guy have to be in love with her? Head over heels in love. And then for her to be a bitch when they don’t?

Ever since the first book I never liked how she was portrayed; like a little spoiled princess getting everything she ever dreamed off with a tragic life and every single person tiptoeing around her to make sure no-one ever makes her unhappy. But this book? God I wanted to smash her head through a wall and make sure that this time she didn’t come back, alive dead or undead.

On second thoughts I think it’s Elena’s character in this book that put me off and made me scream while reading this book, but the plot was a bit off.

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