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Love Triangles: Overused and Annoying

Love Triangles: Overused and Annoying

These days everywhere you turn there will be a love triangle. I cannot count the amount of times I've had to avoid reading a book because it had a love triangle. Now there was a time I didn't mind them so much but after a while they just got on my nerves.

What I don't understand is how people enjoy them. They become the life of the book/series and instead of focusing on developing the plot, the focus is on the romance. I love me some romance but I do NOT want it to be the life of the novel.

The main problem with love triangles, aside from the fact that they become the life of the novel, is that the guys aren't given an equal chance to win the heart of our female lead. From what I've read, female leads tend to choose the badass hero instead of the one who will actually treat them right. You've got all these heros trying to push away the female lead to 'protect' her and keeping secrets. Relationships should be based on trust.

Have you ever read those love triangles that involve best friends? Those depress me. Maybe because I love relationships that involve best friends maybe not. My problem is that some girls (there are many examples but if you want one think Clary-Mortal Instruments) choose the random guy they barely know over someone they have known their entire life (in a lot of cases, they have been friends since childhood so that is why I said their entire life). I don't understand that. Here is this guy who is obviously wonderful and knows you inside out and would do anything for you, yet you choose that random stranger you barely know. 

Then there are also books where one minute a female lead is declaring her undying love for a guy and in the next drooling over some other guy. Now I am not saying it's wrong for her to find some other guy hot, it would be weird if she didn't consider any other guy attractive but to drool over him and then contemplate about a relationship with him is going to far. The only series I've read where this works is Uglies and I don't consider that situation a love triangle. Our female lead knows what she wants, she isn't wishy washy.

Recently I read a book that had a love triangle but what was worse was that both the 'romances' were based on serious cases of insta-love (Hidden by Marianne Curley). Our female lead in that book spend a good chunk of time being afraid of the 2nd love interest and thinking that he was some sort of creeper but as soon as they rescue her and they had a decent conversation she starts talking about how much she loves him. *gag* I felt bad for the other dude.

That's my two cents on love triangles, over to my co-blogger Paulina

I'm in between loving and hating love triangles. I think they can be done really well by some authors but others just make it too ridiculous and make people hate them. For example Twilight... What was Stephanie Meyer thinking... The love triangle pretty much didn't exist. It was just terrible...
But then Vampire Academy I'm so glad that there was a love triangle there. It was more than obvious to everyone who Rose would pick but I still loved it (mostly because I get to have Adrian to myself)

I completely agree with Rashika when she said it sucks when the love triangle becomes the life of the book. I cannot stand mushy romance it's just *gag* and when there are two guys and the female lead in the book is drooling over them like a 12 year old in heat (yes I just said heat deal with it) I just want to throw the book down Mount Doom and laugh as I see the book burn killing the chance of the two poor guys who would have had their hearts broken anyway because someone can't keep it in their pants (I do mean the girl. And I know it doesn't make sense but it just fits the sentence so well!)

Lets be honest with ourselves. Love triangles don't happen that often in our day to day lives; now do they. So why the hell do authors have the need to write such bull about loving two guys at the same time. Especially when the girl is this awkward not too pretty but not too ugly girl with a personality of a brick. Girl if you have two guys running after you what you doing; pick the one that you like/love the best not drag them along for an entire book and leave the poor guy in the friends zone as you later gossip to him about the guy that you chose over him. Have decency.

When a love triangle does happen and the author isn't full of themselves trying to make the most cringe worthy romance that existed and actually develops the plot then it can work. As long as the whole book is not just about the two guys I can deal with it.

I used to be a fan  still kind of am a fan of love triangles. But I will never fully love them. Romance in some books now is so just *bleugh* that adding another guy into the equation equals me throwing up. And a lot of eye rolling. My eyes will pop out of  my head soon if this continues.

I was kinda going to defend love triangles from Rashika's attack on them but I kinda jumped on her rant. I'm just sick of two guys fighting over a girl to be the reason why I don't like a book or series.

Anyway me and Rashika both enjoyed doing this! And we hope you enjoyed reading this! So a massive thank you to A Novel Idea for letting us be a part of this awesome little debate! Here is the event page so go check out other blogs to see if they love or hate Love Triangles!
Love you guys


  1. I enjoyed reading your post! It would be nice if there was a bunch of nice books coming out with just really lovely romances between two people - it's clear that trying to cram so much romance dilemma time into a book makes it difficult to really show the characters getting to know each other.

    1. Please. if you find ANY sweet romance that actually shows development..let me know. I am ready to exchange my soul for this information.

  2. They do get repetitive when you see them all the time. YA is one of the biggest offenders, sometimes I feel like authors just add one just to add one. However, there are some love triangles that I have loved, so I always try to keep my mind open. Great post!

    Alise @ Readers in Wonderland

    1. It's funny how YA is one of the biggest offenders for me but then some of my most favorite books fall under that category.. I just wish it wasn't so hard to find the good stuff.


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